Webinar (21 October, Thursday, 1900hr-2000hr GMT +8): S$30.00/participant

Webinar (21 October, Thursday, 1900hr-2000hr GMT +8): S$30.00/participant

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** First 50 sign up who are local participants will get free scoop of Gelato at Mylo's Cafe.


21 October, Thursday: 20 F&B vouchers worth S$50 will be given away during the question & answer segment at our exciting webinar where Cycling Connoisseurs Connect!

Hideki Mochizuki
Managing Director, Asia
SPECIALIZED Bicycle Components

Fondly known as Mochi, the witty sportsman first cut his teeth in the world of sports as a swimming sports columnist for the Asahi Shimbun newspaper in Japan. He went on to be a triathlete and an Ironman 70.3 World Championships Finisher in 2019. Mochi has spent 10 years at the helm of SPECIALIZED Bicycles Asia as Managing Director, having first spent 6 years in Japan and the last four in Singapore.

Gino Abano
Marketing Director, Asia
SPECIALIZED Bicycle Components

Hailing from the Philippines, Gino is what one would call a MVP if multiple talent in sports is the deciding factor. Since he is an avid sportsman who cycles, swims, plays tennis, golf and soccer, it is not surprising that he also took part in the Ironman 70.3 World Championships in 2019. He is also a Certified Exercise Nutrition Coach – so if you want to build both strength and health, there’s no better person to answer your questions than Gino himself.

Benjamin Goh
Custom-built bicycle collector

With 15 bicycles, 8 of which are custom-built, Goh’s prized collection is only just beginning. The latest count to his S-Works by SPECIALIZED bikes stands at four, with limited editions as rare as the one and only in its size you can find in Singapore and SE Asia. He started fervently cycling just in May 2021 but has been addicted to the sport. He can be seen as a road warrior with his fellow cycling buddies, all of whom are serious collectors as well, every weekend. Just follow @caviarkingrides if you want to check out how these men ride.

At work, Channel NewsAsia Luxury calls him the Singapore entrepreneur who wants to make caviar more accessible to all, as the CEO and founder of Caviar Colony which invested in a caviar farm in Yunnan, where the fish dine on a proprietary blend of feed that includes traditional Chinese herbs.

Johnny Ventura
CEO and owner of Coleccion Alexandra

Johnny Ventura has been riding on the mountain bike for almost as long as the sport of mountain biking was developed in the 1980s. The devoted cyclist also takes his road bikes out for a spin in the hotter months of July and August.

He derives great satisfaction and freedom in circling the mountains and oceans, overcoming the challenges of nature’s terrain – when not busy producing luxury Spanish furniture and helming design projects in prestigious residential and hospitality spaces.

Among his latest completion is the stunning five-star Mandarin Oriental Ritz Hotel in Madrid.

Kuah Beng-Lee
Education Manager for Kao Salon Division (Singapore)

With almost 20 years of experience in the hairdressing industry, Beng-Lee has been with Kao since 2007. He finds great satisfaction in expounding haircare knowledge and pursues his work with passion as he educates professional hairstyles in hair trends and the latest techniques.

For leisure, he finds inspiration through various interests such as reading and visiting museums, as well as exploring different genres of music and craftwork.