Overview Questions

Q: How does this Ride with Me virtual cycling works?
No minimum distance is required because participation is all that matters. But we sure wouldn't mind if you ride a "pink" ribbon-shaped loop and post a screenshot of your route from your fitness app with #ridewithmefunraising to help us raise awareness for Breast Cancer, and win attractive prizes. We also have E-Badges, E-Certificates of Honour and Prizes for outstanding participation and distances. Refer to our Billboard for latest ranking.

Q: What is Virtual Cycling?
Virtual cycling allows you to cycle on your own, participating at any time and at any place at your convenience during the stipulated cycling period of 1st to 31st October 2021. All you need to do is to input the date, distance and duration of your cycling on an electronic mail to ridewithmefunraising@gmail and attach a screenshot of your GPS-enabled app – we recommend Strava – record of your cycling route. Please also remember to send this electronic mail with your full name (as in NRIC/FIN), email address used during registration, the last 4 digits of your NRIC/FIN and our birthdate (in DDMMYYYY format) for our accurate tabulation.

Q: When is Ride with Me taking place?

Ride with Me will take place over a 1-month period from 1 October, Friday 0000hr (GMT +8) to 31 October 2021, Sunday, 2359hr (GMT+8). This means you can clock the distance anywhere, any time, and submit them within this cycling period.

Q: How many cycling categories are there?
There are three different tiers of Ride & Dine packages, a Webinar for cycling connoisseurs to connect and win prizes, and an e-Auction of a highly prized collectible bicycle. Please click on the ticketing options to find out which F&B options you can redeem. We have no cycling distance categories because this is not a Race, this is a Journey. We just hope you will “Ride with Me”, ask your friends to ride over different trips with you, so that we are all on this “ride” that supports persons living with breast cancer.

Q: How will I be supporting the cause of this Ride with Me campaign?
This is the first year that our Ride with Me fun-raising campaign is organised by two hyper-energetic women who want to have some fun while giving back. And we’d like to encourage everyone to do the same – giving can be done every day, whether you’re riding, dining, or just listening to our webinar where cycling and cycling lifestyle experts give tips and prizes. Let’s do our part and make it worth the journey!

Q: Where is Ride with Me held?
It is virtual. So you can just plan your own route, and ride in your own time.


Registration Questions

Q: How to register for Ride with Me?

You can register for the Ride by clicking here. Upon successful registration, you will receive a confirmation email sent to your registered email (please check your spam folder if it does not appear in your Inbox). If you do not hear from us within 1 working day, please contact us at ridewithmefunraising@gmail.com There are 3 ticketing tiers and a Webinar for you to choose from, depending on your choice our F&B deals. There is also a Webinar for cycling connoisseurs to connect and win prizes from, and an e-Auction to win a prized collectible bicycle.

Q: What is the age restriction to join Ride with Me?
All participants below the age of 18 (as of 1 October 2021) are required to seek parental/guardian consent to participate in Ride with Me. Relevant indemnity and declaration fields must be filled up at the point of registration – failing which, the Organiser reserves the right to refuse the registration entry of the participant.

Q: How do I know if my registration has been accepted?

You will receive an email confirmation upon successful registration. Do contact us at ridewithmefunraising@gmail.com along with the screenshots of your payment if you did not receive the confirmation email within 1 working day.

Q: What are the modes of payment for Ride with Me?
We accept payment by Credit Cards ie. VISA, MasterCard

Q: I am unable to make payment / have duplicate charge

If you are unable to make payment or have a duplicate charge on your Credit Card, please contact us at ridewithmefunraising@gmail.com for assistance.

Q: Do I get a refund if I choose not to participate after registration?
All cycling entries are strictly non-refundable.

Q: Can I request a refund for the cycle if I didn't complete it or could not take part in it for any reasons whatsoever?
Refunds and cancellations are strictly not allowed.

Q: Can I transfer my registration entry to another cyclist if I choose not to cycle?
Registration entries are strictly non-transferable.

Q: Can I make changes to my personal particulars after registration?
Yes, you can contact ridewithmefunraising@gmail.com to make changes to some of your personal particulars such as mailing address and jersey size. We will only allow changes to the personal particulars until 15 October 2021.

Q: Can I change my jersey size after I have registered?
Change of jersey sizes will only be allowed until 15 October 2021, 2359hr, subject to availability. You may contact ridewithmefunraising@gmail.com to make change.

Q: Can I change to another tier, paying the difference after I have registered?
Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate switching of tiers, but you can buy another tier to double your benefits and double your love for Breast Cancer Foundation and persons living with breast cancer.

Q: Is GST included?
There is no GST on donations and registration fees.

Q: I am residing overseas. Can I take part in the run?
Yes, you may take part in the run. Delivery of entitlements is free of charge within Singapore only. For delivery overseas, additional charges may apply.

Q: Can I register for someone else using my email address?
Please note that each email address can only be used to register for the cycle once. To register another participant, you will have to use another email address to register.


Participation Questions

Q: How do I plot and record my cycling journey?
Please refer to the step-by-step guide for recording and submission of your cycling here.

Q: Does my cycling route have to be ribbon-shaped to qualify and how do I submit my ride record?
We would appreciate any ribbon-shaped route, ideally marked out in pink, to show support and help increase awareness on breast cancer via Instagram and Facebook; please tag us #RideWithMeFunRaising.

However, you can also just cycle any route to participate, and to win prizes, here’s how: clock the required mileage for the prize you are eyeing, and submit a screenshot of your route via electronic mail to: ridewithmefunraising@gmail.com with your full name (as in NRIC), email address used during registration, and birthdate (in DDMMYYYY format) for our accurate tabulation.

Q: Can I submit multiple Pink Ribbon routes?
For Inspired participants, you may submit as many Pink Ribbon routes or your mileage achieved as you like.

For Challenge participants, rewards for achievements are in our Reward Chart. You will be notified and rewarded accordingly when you have reached the different goals according to the rules set.

You may plot your route by using STRAVA, PlotARoute or Google Maps prior to your cycle. For your safety, we recommend that you plot your route prior, to minimise referring to your mobile phone or running app during the cycle.

Click here to view PlotARoute or Google Maps tips.

Q: What is the submission period?
All cyclists are to submit their routes during the period of 1 October 2021, Friday, 0000hrs (GMT +8) to 1 November 2021, Monday, 2359hrs (GMT +8).

Q: What are the recommended GPS enabled apps?
You may download and sign up for a free STRAVA account and sync it to the run website. Please refer to the step by step guide on how to sign up for a STRAVA account. Please note that we need to have the date/time, distance, duration, and route map of your running activities. For automatic syncing, your STRAVA account needs to be public.


Q: Can I use a snapshot of an activity tracked using a Spin equipment?
We are sorry you cannot use a spin equipment submission for this cycle.

Q: Can I use a snapshot of an activity tracked using a step tracker or pedometer?
We are sorry you cannot use a step tracker or pedometer submission for this run.

Q: Can I use a snapshot of an activity tracked using my smartwatch?
We are sorry you cannot use a snapshot of your smartwatch for an activity tracked as the smartwatch screens usually do not capture the route map. You can, however, take a snapshot of the mobile app or internet app version of the activity tracked using your smartwatch after you have synced the activity, which contains the date/time, distance, duration, and route map of your activity and submit the screenshot via manual submission.

Q: How do I upload my achievements?
Please email us at ridewithmefunraising@gmail.com with your full name (as in NRIC/FIN), email address used during registration, the last 4 digits of your NRIC/FIN and our birthdate (in DDMMYYYY format) for our accurate tabulation.

Q: When will I receive the Ride with Me entitlements?
Participants who have completed the necessary requirements for Ride with Me will receive your cycle entitlements by end November 2021.

Q: When and where can I download my rewards, E-badge and E-certificate?
We will collate your entries upon your submission. Rewards such as the E-Badge will be sent by electronic email as and when the goal is achieved for you to post it on your Instagram and/or Facebook. E-Certificates will be sent via electronic mail by 11 November 2021.

Q: Will I be entitled to my E-Certificate if I did not complete my cycle?
The purpose of this event is to raise fund for Breast Cancer Foundation on a free and easy cycling agenda. Participants who have achieved the target we have set will be rewarded accordingly. Participants who did not achieved the targets will receive the Participation E-Certificate instead – and we’ll still be Incredibly Proud and Grateful for your participation! Remember, it is the Journey that counts. Just Ride with Me and all persons living with breast cancer in Singapore.

Health Advisory

Q: Be a safe and responsible participant
We seek all participants’ assistance to abide by the Government advisory on Covid-19. Please stay at home and do not participate in Ride with Me if you are feeling unwell (i.e. fever, cough) and /or if a member of your household is pending Covid-19 swab test result and /or is issued with a Stay-Home Notice (SHN). You can still Ride after your SHN is fulfilled should it be within the month of October 2021. All participants are to practise safe-distancing and wear a mask at all time prior to and after the cycle.

Participants may visit https://safedistparks.nparks.gov.sg/ to check the crowd level prior to your cycling.

Q: Other safety considerations
Apart from COVID-19 advisory, participants are encouraged to calibrate your pace to your fitness level. Listen to your body and seek medical clearance/attention if necessary. Participants are also reminded of the importance of staying on designated running/walking/hiking paths, being well-hydrated and avoiding running during humid and/or harsh weather conditions.