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Cash donation go direct to Breast Cancer Foundation via Giving.sg to help with their programmes to support persons living with breast cancer. Click here to be directed to our campaign on Giving.sg.

A pink ribbon symbolises breast cancer awareness. When you Ride with Me, and join become one of our campaign champions, we form a loop of support, standing in unity for all persons with breast cancer.

Our mission is to not just raise fund and awareness, but fun (for participants) and an understanding for breast cancer and how we can detect it early, or how we can chip in to help those with breast cancer with impact. Ensuring that one or oneself is breast cancer-free is an on-going journey, *sometimes cancer cells may be dormant for years without causing harm. Then something happens that activates the cells, so they grow and spread to other parts of the body. It's not clear why this occurs.

*Younger people, particularly those under age 35 at the time of their original breast cancer diagnosis, face a higher risk of recurrent breast cancer. Men can also contract breast cancer.

Every dollar counts. This is what your participation and donation can do to help the Breast Cancer Foundation with its support work.

$200 helps fund a trainer to conduct programmes for under the Breast Cancer Foundation’s Healing Through The Arts Initiative: Activities like yoga and crochet help its members in their short and long-term memory. 

$150 helps fund the maintenance of 3 wigs under our Wig Loan Programme: Cancer treatment can be harsh leading to hair loss. The programme helps restore self-esteem and rebuild positive self-image.

$100 helps fund 2 mammograms: BCF Encouragement of Active Mammogram (BEAM) scheme subsidises the cost of mammograms for low-income women.

$80 helps fund part of an Awareness Talk: Breast Cancer Foundation holds talks to raise greater awareness of breast cancer so more women will take action through early detection measures.

So please, help us spread the awareness and understanding of breast cancer by joining Ride with Me and its activities. Because we are not going for a race, but a long-distance journey together, we would like you to post pictures of your rides on your Instagram and Facebook account to help spread the knowledge and commitment to support, especially when you post your Strava routes outlined in Pink on your social media with the tag #RideWithMeFunRaising.

*Source: www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/recurrent-breast-cancer/symptoms-causes/syc-20377135