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Look out for details of this Instagram Auction on the “BIG SPECIALIZED REVEAL” on 20 October, 2059hr (GMT +8) on our Instagram @RideWithMeFunRaising. An Instagram Auction post will release details about this Limited Edition Collectible, which will then be open for bidding via each new comment until 22 October, 2059hr (GMT +8) only.

Instagram Auction

1. Follow our Facebook and/or Instagram

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Ride-With-Me-FunRaising
Instagram: @RideWithMeFunRaising

2. Follow Specialized on:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/SpecializedSG
Instagram: @SpecializedSG

3. On Instagram @RideWithMeFunRaising only: Look out for our e-Auction “The SPECIALIZED REVEAL” on 20 October, 2059hr (GMT +8)* Bids to be made on each new Comment on this date’s e-Auction post only. (Rules will be stated on e-Auction post). 

4. Winner of the bid will be announced on Instagram on 22 October, after 2100hr (GMT +8)* (Rule: No sniping rule applies: Bidding closes at 2100hr on 22 October, and will rollover till the last bid stands for 5 minutes).

Terms and Conditions

• Auction value will start with the Retail Price or the perceived value of the auction.

• Every additional bid has to be a minimum of S$300 via our Instagram Auction post.

• With the Instagram post, the bidding price will be transparent to everyone. Organizer will therefore not entertain any enquiry on the awardee of the auction piece.

• Last bid will be on 22 October at 2059hr (GMT +8) (Singapore time). Any bidding received after this timing will be null and void.

• Result will be announced on 22 October 2021 via Instagram with the name of the awardee.

• Awardee will then issue a cheque to Specialized*. (Details to be given to awardee)

• Awardee will receive details on the auction item only upon confirmation from Breast Cancer Foundation that the money has been received in full. Item may be subject to a waiting period for delivery of final product.